How To Stand Out By Being You

Are you wondering how to stand out when you're talking about yourself and your business online?

There seem to be so many people doing what you do. You're finding it a bit intimidating.

You're wondering what you can say that's different. You're not sure you have a unique 'hook'. What is it about you that will attract clients? 

If you'd like some inspiration then this mini-course is for you. It's going to walk you through:

  • What your clients are looking for
  • How you can make stories out of your every day life
  • Talking about your offers

What people say about How To Stand Out By Being You

This course is excellent Rachel - a brilliant way to prompt ideas and get festive at the same time - thank you!

What wonderful course! Just by decorating a Christmas tree it all suddenly becomes clear - I mean your business communications!   I am a “woman of few words” and writing is by no means my forte, but after doing the workshop I had many ideas how and what to write about my business.   Rachel’s unique way to make you realise what is important and how to turn it into a meaningful, entertaining content is amazing! Thank you, Rachel!  - Regina Ray, Regina Ray Photography

What you'll get

This is a DIY course with prompts along the way to help you develop marketing messages which are unique to you. Each module has one or two videos to watch.

Buy now for £47 and get instant inspiration for your messaging.

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